15′, for percussion instruments




“Curtains are interpretators of the language of the wind”
-Walter Benjamin

It is said that wind carries messages and that it can talk. Wind is energy increasingly harnessed to sustain our form of life. As a definition, it is created naturally by the different regional temperatures resulting in different pressures setting air in motion parallel to the surface of the Earth.

In Kina’s 3023 the specific dynamics of a wind is reanimated in a concert for a percussionist. The piece is a kind of map to the constant change and endless variations that are played by the wind. The composition is based on careful transcription of a random fragment of wind moving a familiar object usually witnessed on a porch or in a garden – a wind chime with six metal tubes.

In a sense the piece is an intentionally failed attempt to depict nature. And in this way, it is a celebration of nature. The language of the wind is translated to the language of music – a score. The translation process gives back the blows of a gust of wind in a similar but different form. For a musician this piece is a challenge as it is nearly impossible to play notes exactly by one percussionist.

3023 sets an imaginary soundscape and as the title suggests a futuristic one. By having an essential element of the climate – wind – in its focus, the piece raises questions on our relationship with the future and future climate as connected to our past actions.

The soundwork is created on the invitation by the organisation Intercult in collaboration with Huddinge municipality in the context of Intercult’s art project Eyelander. This art project focuses on creating an intersection of and a dialogue about place, digital art, cultural heritage and climate change in Stockholm. Eylander features ten contributions by artists who each create one site-specific artwork in a municipality in the Stockholm Region which they have been invited by. Jonna Kina’s contribution is curated by curator Kristina Lindemann at Huddinge municipality’s public art gallery Fullersta Gård.

Huddinge kyrka is one of Huddinge’s oldest buildings and landmarks. The church and Fullersta Gård share some history and one of Fullersta Gård’s objectives is to create audience engagement surrounding the cultural heritage of Huddinge. The history of this building dating back almost a 1000 years and tales of changed ecology nearby it, inspired Jonna Kina to invite others to be humbled by this millennial perspective on human activity interacting with nature and to reflect on the future.


Curator Kristina Lindemann
Performer Petteri Kippo
Transcription Mathias Waenerberg
Graphic design Tommi Vasko
Recording Jonathan Lytz
Commission Intercult
Support Arts Promotion Center, Finlandsinstitutet Stockholm, Finnish Cultural Foundation/Fonden Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Fullersta Gård / Huddinge kommun, Huddinge Kyrka, Intercult
Special thanks Josefin Holmström, Joachim Koester, Aleksi Kraama