Retractor Hydrobag

2018, Carrara marble, 90 x 95 x 26 cm (in relation to the film Somnivm)   Retractor Hydrobag, installation view, Beaconsfield Gallery, London 7.3-22.4.2018 Somnivm & Retractor Hydrobag, installation view, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Out of Office exhibition, 2019 Retractor Hydrobag is a tool of its own destruction. It offers insight to both classical statuary … Read more

Secret Words And Related Words

2013-2016, Video installation with a book and glass works   Secret Words and Related Stories, 203-2016, 4K, 20 min12 sec, installation view   Secret Words and Related Stories is a set of anonymously collected passwords and the stories behind them. The entry point is personal ‘secrets’ and security, and their place in contemporary society. To examine … Read more

Score of Arr. for a Scene

2017, Triptych, archival pigment prints, 107 x 80 cm each   Score of Arr. for a Scene is a triptych of sheet music prints containing the sonic structures, details and forms of sound achieved by the foley artists in the film Arr. for a Scene. With the methods of notation Kina explores the structures and … Read more

Arr. for a Scene

Still from Arr. for a Scene, 2016-2017, 35 mm color film with sound, transferred to 4K/HD, 5 min 18 sec “The sonic force of cinema’s most famous murder scene is investigated.Two foley artists recreate Hitchcock’s shower sequence, deconstructing the associations of aural signifiers, and the synesthetic power of sound. Jonna Kina contextualize this uncanny phenomenon … Read more

Foley Objects

2013, Series of 26 photographs, 38 x 38cm, archival pigment print, framed               “In 1956 René Magritte declared “a thing which is present can be invisible, hidden by what it shows.” It is an aphorism that perfectly sums up the work of Jonna Kina. The series Foley Objects presents about thirty objects –everyday things for … Read more