Akiya 空家

2019, 35 mm film transferred to 4K/HD, 4min 51sec, sound, color



Akiya is film work, which deals with phenomenon of desolation of urban built environment. The issue of empty apartments and houses in contemporary Tokyo is the background of this Noh theatre inspired work, where spirits are typical characters. The medium and the machine are treated as a performing other. The work does not show images of uninhabited buildings, but instead serves as a conceptual starting point. The lyrics of the poem are recited in archaic Muromachi period (1333-1573) Japanese. They are based on current newspaper articles and poetic fragments dealing with the theme, giving character and personality to the voice we hear. The work is shot on 35mm film consisting a single shot. The song is associated with the machine rather than the human. The performer becomes the machine and the machine becomes the performer. The work creates a future mythology or a dialogue between past and present by juxtaposing the traditional storytelling form with a contemporary interpretation of the current phenomenon.





Directed & written by: JONNA KINA Noh voice: RYOKO AOKI Cinematography: VILLE PIIPPO Translation: MAKIKO SAKURAI  Light Design: ALEKSI KRAAMA Sound editing: JONATHAN FUHRER Additional sound editing: JUAN DE DIOS MAGDALENO Additional post-production: TIMO TERÄVÄINEN Surround mix: PINJA MUSTAJOKI DCP mastering: KINOKKI Distribution: AV-ARKKI, ARSENAL DISTRIBUTION Production Support: AVEK. FINNISH CULTURAL FOUNDATION, ARTS PROMOTOIN CENTRE, TOKYO ARTS AND SPACE  Special thanks: P. Mutasen elokuvakonepaja Oy, Antti Haapio / TAMK, Nicholas Battis, Kaori Sakai, Timo Ulkuniemi, Richard Emmert, Juhani Liimatainen, Aleksi Kraama