confession piece for voice

Confession Piece for Voice, 2020-2021, 12″ vinyl, 3’24”

Confession Piece for Voice is a sound installation played in an exhibition space on a 12-inch vinyl record upon request.

On the recording a young person’s soprano voice interprets poem in the form of a cappella. The libretto is adapted from the autobiographical work Confessions (397- 398) by St. Augustine and William Watts’ English translation from 1631. The fragmented lyrics speak of shame, lust and guilt in a repetative manner.

The composition After Confessions is composed together with composer Lauri Supponen.

After Confessions 3:24

Composition JONNA KINA, LAURI SUPPONEN Libretto JONNA Voice AIDA WESSMAN Sound recording MARKUS BONSDORFF Sound editing, ALEKSI KRAMA, JONNA KINA Mastering JAAKKO VIITALÄHDE Graphic design JONNA KINA, TOMMI VASKO Supported by ARTS PROMOTION CENTRE FINLAND, FINNISH CULTURAL FOUNDATION After Confessions is composed and produced for the artwork Confession Piece for Voice (2020-2021)