Score of Arr. for a Scene

2017, Triptych, archival pigment prints, 107 x 80 cm each


Score of Arr. for a Scene is a triptych of sheet music prints containing the sonic structures, details and forms of sound achieved by the foley artists in the film Arr. for a Scene. With the methods of notation Kina explores the structures and forms of sound while transforming cinema to the language of music and composition. The sounds are transcribed together with by composer Lauri Supponen. The result is a full score referring to the act of murder of the original film scene from Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock.


Detail of Score of the Arr. For a Scene, 2017

Installation view, Sounds and Objects, 2019, curated by Manuela Pacella, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy (photo by: Andrea Veneri)






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