Secret Words And Related Words

2013-2016, Video installation with a book and glass works


Secret Words and Related Stories, 203-2016, 4K, 20 min12 sec, installation view


Secret Words and Related Stories is a set of anonymously collected passwords and the stories behind them. The entry point is personal ‘secrets’ and security, and their place in contemporary society. To examine independence, a limited kind of independence, is to unravel what security means to the identity, a kind of coding of physical history and memory to access all kinds of commerce and services in the virtual world. That key is compressed into these fragments of language (passwords) that are unpackaged through the work. In the video young actors, between the ages of 12-16 years old, stands in front of a red backdrop and reads from a single sheet of paper, narrating personal confessions, childhood memories and clichéd rationalities. These are thoughtful, humorous, and emotional stories about a chosen word that often discloses personal information, which is the antithesis of its purpose. Alongside with the video the 74 passwords and stories behind them are published in a book with the same name in the style of a paperback novel.





A film by JONNA KINA Actors EMILIA BENFORD, JESSI COLLIER, MARKUS RÄISÄNEN, HEIKKI PENTTINEN, MARTIN ÖRN, CLEOPATRA HÖGBACKA Light Design ALEKSI KRAAMA Camera JONNA KINA Sound design JOHANNES VARTOLA Translators SEIJA NYHOLM, EMILIA NORLAMO Graphic design of the book TOMMI VASKO Supported by AVEK, ARTS PROMOTION CENTRE, FINNISH CULTURAL FOUNDATION Special thanks: All the anonymous participants, The English School, Seija Nyholm, Iida Frima, Egor Garanin, Maksim Kasatkin, Fia Leminen, Pratham Talonen, Jasmine M’rabet



Secret Words and Related Stories, pigment print, framed








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